Q. What is St Peter's all about?

St Peter's on the High Street is a family that wants to do a few faith things very simply. 

Q. What does St Peter's want to do in faith?

We want to be better at loving God, loving each other and making disciples. That's it!

Q. I think l understand loving, but what's a disciple?

A disciple is simply an effective learner.

Q. Are you saying those 3 things are all a church should attempt?

Essentially, yes! We believe these are the core instructions for every Christian faith community. These are the baselines against which we measure everything, from our big picture vision, right down to saying hello, inviting others to meals and growing together!

Q. You can't see, touch or hear him, so what's the point of loving God? 

We believe the way we are with each other and how we see our community, how we serve one another, is saying thanks to God and makes our invisible God visible. We have so many stories of this abundant life. And we believe God always has more for us because he loves us.

Q. Okay, sounds a bit whacky but what do l have to do?

Check us out! See if we do what we say we want to do. We know how daunting it is to step into a faith building (we've all done it for the first time!), and that's our fault, not yours. We need to work at being more real, more accessible, more visible, more serving. 

Check in with this website, have a chat with the leaders (see above) or just come and sit in on a service, you don't have to do anything except watch...10:30 Sundays. We serve coffee and tea from around 11:45 in our adjacent lounge.

We're on the High Street in Musselburgh. Oh, and we have underfloor heating and a creche too!